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At jcMoto, we are constantly pushing the envelope of creativity. However we are very mindful of the need to be responsible toward the waste we generate while building or Custom Motorcycles or restoring timeless classics. And as a result we’ve up-cycled some of our waste to come up with these lamps, book-ends and coat or key hangars.
As with all our custom parts, you can be assured that no two items are the same, and none of them will be likely to be made again. However we will keep updating our inventory of custom made up-cycled home and garage accessories

jcMoto Triple Tree Tungsten Lamp

SKU: 29
  • Triple clamps, a sprag clutch, a sprocket from an RD350 and these two large tungsten bulbs makes for this really nice vintage looking lamp. It’s INR3500 Shipped anywhere in India. If you come get it yourself it’s INR500 off.

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