The jcMoto Mini

What started as a challenge to build a motorcycle with parts we had stashed in the attic, turned into a challenge to build one of a kind upcycled, 'sustainable' motorcycles, if there ever is such a thing.

With a 4-speed manual, 100cc engine,making 7.5bhp, this is a great motorcycle for you or your kids to have fun on, be it at a Kart track or private dirt trails.

Our prototype was powered by an old Honda engine, a frame from a CD100 and front end from a CT90 and a disc brake setup from a minibike. But since then, we've tweaked the design to build these mini-bikes from repurposed Hero Honda frames and parts that are locally available to make them more accessible.


We'd like to think these Honda's never die they, just get repurposed to have a different kind of fun!

If you'd like to order one of these, give us a call or visit our web shop for more details.


Hero Impulse 200 EIcma

It's not often that you get a call from the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the country - Hero Motor Corp, to build them a custom motorcycle on one of their platforms. And this, not for just any motorcycle show, but the Best Motorcycle show in the World - EICMA 2018.

Here's our take on what we thought the Hero Xpulse 200T should have been. Keeping the core of the design true to what Hero envisioned with the stock tank, we pulled out all stops from rending our own design, to CMFG (colour, material, finish, graphics) and 3D printing a load of parts. I'm not going to say much more, let the images speak for themselves. 


The 1976 Honda CB550F

Honda's iconic mid-segment sports-bike of the 70's, the CB550F came in for a full engine rebuild, and walked out the door with a fantastic Resto-mod that won 2nd Place as the best-restored Motorcycle at the annual VCCCI Rally

We worked to bring out the true spirit  of the 550 SuperSport with club-man bars, a custom 4-into-1 pipe and some nice sticky rubber, but the real deal is what you can't see. Brand new performance pistons, a Dyna Ignition kit and a free flow intake is what really bring this machine to life. This four cylinder Honda is the motorcycle you must hear, if you grew up grooving to the soundtrack of the 70's superbikes.


Layla - The RD Story

Layla Full
Layla Ride jcmoto
Layla Detail Jcmoto
Layla Back
Layla Detail

The motorcycle that started it all –  The Yamaha RD350, still is a dream for a child of the 70′s and early 80s.


After laying my hands on one, I decided that it wasn’t going to be a factory spec machine. It was going to be the wild bastard child that I wanted it to be.


From a rat-track machine to this cafe/tracker, she was built to suit my personality. Cranky, fast and loud! Oh yeah and it helps that she’s a bit of a looker too.


Sun Chaser - From Dust to Glory

sunchaser banner
sunchaser ride
sunchaser sea

The Sun Chaser arrived in three jute bags in the back of a car.


The crank was jammed solid into the lower case and although everything was intact, it was barely even salvageable. The perfect recipe for a custom motorcycle then.


The owner had two things he asked for – 1. That it be a bike that could be ridden in dirt and 2. That it was reliable.


It’s now out there chasing new horizons


60 Years of Kicks

60years - Copy_edited
603 Ride
603 Detail
60years_banner - Copy

What do you get your dad who’s been riding a motorcycle since his teenage days for this 60th? Another motorcycle?

But not just any ordinary motorcycle, something that makes him want to get on it and go get his kicks for the next 60 years!

Vir Nakai of Helmet Stories wanted something with a vintage touch, yet bright and loud. So we scouted the market and got a little BSA tank with the Fender off a Triumph. It still had the previous registration plates on it. (BMF 954).


A neat bobber tail light was bolted and we did an old school rendition of a fuel gauge – a fuel sight.


Wabi Sabi - Yamaha RD350

Harsh rd350image1 - Copy
wabi sabi_7
Wabi Sabi_detail
Wabi sabi_4
wabi sabi_before_edited

This RD350 is a motorcycle as it's most basic form.

It had a short brief; minimal and to embody the Japanese aesthetic known as Wabi Sabi, representing a world view centered on the acceptance of and imperfection.

So, we striped down the bare metal tank and adorned it with iconic image of the red, rising sun appearing in a constant state of change as it ages over time.


The Wandering Coorgie - BMW R25/3


This BMW R25/3 is one of the most iconic BMWs in this country. It was ridden by Mr Jairam, all the way from Germany in the 1960′s on his trip home after college. Those were the days before the word ‘overlanding’ was coined.


It was a time when border were bleak and roads non-existent, a time when the world was big place, and peoples hearts were even bigger.


This motorcycle has lived through those experiences, seen the years pass and the patina fade. 


So for it’s 60th birthday, Mr Jairam’s daughter thought it best to celebrate this machine by giving it a complete restoration. No bolts were left unturned.


Barebone - Royal Enfield Classic 500

Barebone_4 - Copy
barebone - Copy
Barebones _2 - Copy
Barebones_1 - Copy
barebone_3 - Copy

The Barebone 500 had a very clear brief. It needed to be er… bare. And that’s where we started.


It was really fun doing the build and the big challenge of hiding that battery really kept me awake some nights.


It’s got to be on the top of my Royal Enfield builds list, especially since it’s so much fun to ride with the weight we shed on it – 45 kgs to be exact.


Bright Spark - Yamaha RX135

Rx135 full bike

Built on a tight budget, this little blood orange stroker was one of our first DIY Custom built projects.


The owner sat through most of the execution and wasn't afraid to be elbow deep in grease along with us - a characteristic that we greatly admire.


End result: the satisfaction of assembling his own motorcycle and knowing it's workings in and out - and after all that, isn't it a sparkling beauty!


The Lambretta


We’ve all that that machine we’ve drooled after when we were young. You know the one we're talking about, the one that you bought brand new and rode straight out of the showroom floor to the college parking lot.


So, when this customer walked in and said that a Lambretta was being added to his collection of vintage motorcycles because it was the first two-wheeler he lusted after, we knew that we knew exactly what we had to do to this restoration to make it a proper Mod machine.


jcMoto Centuro


In 2014, it wasn't often that a motorcycle manufacturer would come to visit asking to build a custom motorcycle for them to display at the Auto Expo.


So when Mahindra came to ask what would be a good custom motorcycle to appeal to the youth and have heads turn,

a Café Racer was our obvious answer.


From upside-down forks to alloy rims and hand crafted all- aluminium lights amongst other parts, the Mahindra-jcMoto Café Racer was the first custom motorcycle to be displayed at the Auto Expo. Isn't it magnificient?


The Old Horse - Honda CD125

428495_10151610088218447_1491811867_n - Copy
182535_10151610088383447_1047673532_n - Copy
215248_10151610122503447_145480867_n - Copy
Honda_125_1 - Copy

This Honda CD125 was imported directly from Japan and was put to use as a city run around.


As the years passed, this little Honda ticked like clockwork until it was one day parked in the corner of  the garage for something shiny and new.


Seasons changed and the sun was soon setting on our little Honda that was left out to weather, until one day it was carried away physically to the shop for a make over and a dose of TLC.


It now serves as a daily runabout once again. Old Hondas never die, they just get re-built.


Pink Panther - Yamaha RX100

DSC_0395 - Copy
DSC_0409 - Copy
DSC_0030 - Copy
DSC_0380 - Copy

Yep, look at it again, it’s pink! Bright, shiny, sexy pink


When this customer walked through the door wanting a bright pink tank, we were intrigued. After all, we know real men wear pink - and finally, someone who wasn't afraid of a little flash!


Don’t let that colour fool you though. With the café seat pan and custom made rearsets, this little RX100 is light and agile and will give some of your regular machines a run for their money. 


The Cafer - Enfield Bullet

Cafer_5 - Copy
cafer_3 - Copy
cafer - Copy

One of our earlier motorcycle builds, this Royal Enfield was laying in a state of disuse for a while before the owner showed up with it to get the Café treatment.


Built in my backyard, put together using our bolt on Café Racer kits - we helped this Bullet lose over 20kgs while transforming to it’s new avatar – the cafer!