Who Is jcMoto?

 Joshua Crasto is an unusual hybrid of automotive journalist, bike and car road tester, airplane pilot, travel guide and motorcycle builder and all around 'go-to guy' . A lover of all things mechanical, he will take apart and rebuild anything that comes with a motor.

His love for the internal combustion engine started from childhood, graduating from Lego assemblies to grease and metal. From riding on the tank of a motorcycle to munching miles though tanks full of gasoline, Joshua has travelled extensively on two wheels though North America, UK, Thailand, Cambodia and India.

Inspired by the adventure of road racing, spending a month at the centennial Isle of Man TT races, Joshua was one of the major driving forces behind the now very popular, indiMotard track days and TWO racing school. His love for racing is also one of the reasons Ducati has certified him as one of only four DRE trainers in India. 

His previous experience as a motorcycle road tester has given him opportunities to extensively ride and test all kinds of two wheelers ranging from 100cc scooters and dirt bikes to litre class race machines.  He has an intimate understanding of motorcycles and science behind them which could be why top manufacturers like Mahindra repeatedly  approach him for consultations. 


His drive to spread awareness about the art of motorcycling has lead him to build communities dedicated to engage and involve like minded enthusiasts. In 2013, He founded the acclaimed Garage 52, the motorcycle collective in Mumbai, one of the most innovative motorcycle spaces in the country. He also participated in the BMW GS Trophy in Mongolia in 2018.

Joshua's career has taken him down different paths, but the one thing that ties all those paths together is a set of wheels. He is a forerunner in an industry that has, for far too long, been shy of risk-taking. But he is changing that, one ride, one bike, one customer at a time.

  • Founder of jcMoto &  Garage52

  • Ducati DRE Instuctor 

  • Automotive Journalist

  • Motorcycle Tour Operator & Travel Guide

  • Licensed Pilot

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