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Who Is jcMoto?

Joshua Crasto is an unusual hybrid of motorcycle builder, airplane pilot, travel guide, automotive journalist, vintage bike restorer, furniture designer and all around 'go-to guy'.


Holding a degree in physics, he has a unique understanding of all things mechanical, and will ride, drive, take apart and rebuild anything that comes with a motor.

Inspired by the adventure of flying, he decided to earn his Commercial pilot license in 2008. However, when he returned - the recession was in full swing. Not one for twiddling his thumbs, he decided to follow his passion of motorbikes and after spending a month at the centennial Isle of Man TT races,


Joshua was one of the major driving forces behind the now very popular, indiMotard trackdays and TWO racing school. Since then, he has also founded his own vintage restoration & custom bike shop - jcMoto as well as India’s first motorcycle collective, Garage52. Along the way, he has also lead several adventure motorcycle tours for a number of TV production houses, as well as high profile clientele.

Joshua's career has taken him down different paths, but the one thing that ties all those paths together is a set of wheels and desire for excellence in any field he pursues.

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