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Saving The Planet One Moto At A Time

If we told you that you'd be doing your bit to save the planet by buying one of these custom mini- motorcycles? You wouldn't believe us at first, would you? Yet this motorcycle is hand built keeping the 3R's in mind. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle with a whole bunch of power and fun.

How the green initiative began...

One afternoon while sorting through the junk in the workshop, we found just about enough parts to actually build an entire mini-bike. A lot of them had come off an old Hero Honda CD100 that we  hadj ust restored, and that's where this idea spawned to life. Why should old motorcycles be sent to scrap yards when they can still offer smiles for many more miles?  


Designed For Everyone, By The Pro

We have carefully designed these mini-bikes to offer options that make them as fun to a 7-year old who’s just starting to learn to ride, to a 70 year old who just wants to take this mini for a wander in the woods. Adaptable, small and modular - its the perfect little run around for all sorts of fun.


Fully Customisable Options

You can choose your own wheel-size, tyre options, suspension and brakes to fine tune your build depending on what your riding needs are. We can even offer quick swap options to convert your mini-bike from a dirt to a tarmac setup in no time at all. 


Hassle-Free Ownership

Unlike most imported mini-moto's, these mini-bikes are fully 'Made-in-India', with engine and frame components that are readily available at any corner motorcycle spare parts shop from reputed manufacturers. You can have these motorcycles fixed and maintained at a local mechanic where ever you are in the country without having to send your motorcycle back to us at any point of time. This allows you total peace of mind and keep these motorcycles running happily ever after. Just like they were designed to be.


The jcMoto Quality

To make sure our mini bikes are a experience of premium craftsmanship and quality it is ensured that the components and consumables used are of best quality available in the market

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