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This bike is for the true moto enthusiast who knows how to have fun and that bigger is not always better! What started as a challenge to build a motorcycle with parts we had stashed in the attic, turned into a challenge to build one of a kind upcycled, 'sustainable' motorcycles, if there ever is such a thing.

With a 4-speed manual, 100cc engine,making 7.5bhp, this is a great motorcycle for you or your kids to have fun on, be it at a Kart track or private dirt trails.

Our prototype was powered by an old Honda engine, a frame from a CD100 and front end from a CT90 and a disc brake setup from a minibike. But since then, we've tweaked the design to build these mini-bikes from repurposed Hero Honda frames and parts that are locally available to make them more accessible.


We'd like to think these Honda's never die they, just get repurposed to have a different kind of fun!

jcMoto Mini Bike


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