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After a lot of time in the saddle on the Hero X-pulse, we felt that a few changes could truly unravel the real potential of this motorcycle and we started by  repositioning the handlebars to give  the rider a little more space and move away from the commuter-like seating position.  This opens up the seat to handlebar distance and creates room, for when you want to stand up and ride aggressively on dirt roads or on your local MX track.

These triple clamps allow you to transfer your weight to the front easily allowing you to hold the traction on the front wheel when you hit the dirt. We further enhanced the prototype and took it up a notch by offering a second mounting hole for the bar mounts to use with our off-set handlebar risers, that offer 4 different positions to fine tune your reach and 3 different heights that can be easily adjusted. This range of adjustability works well with both short and tall riders.  This level of precise adjustability, this is one of the best ergonomic upgrades you can have on your Hero X-pulse 200, and a no brainer for the discerning rider looking to up their off-road skills.

The triple clamps are the first of many changes we’ve planned for the Hero X-pulse.  The original prototype was for a project motorcycle that has been subject to some serious testing and abuse and it far exceeded our expectations. They enhanced our performance with better ergonomics, precise adjustability and as an added bonus have great visual appeal

jcMoto Hero Xpulse Custom Top Triple clamp / T-Plate


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