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Our second offering for the Hero X-Pulse changes the ergonomics of this motorcycle completely. It transforms it to feel like a nice, small capacity, Cross-country Enduro motorcycle, as far as the ergonomics are concerned. The jcMoto Xpulse footrest hangers were designed keeping in mind a few key points - Body-postion, Ridigity and Durability.  Our footrest hangers move the footrest further behind and lower down. This moves the effective CG of the motorcycle lower and  makes for a comfortable seated position But more importantly aides for a easier and quicker transition to a standing position when you hit the trails. It allows the rider to grip the tank in the proper position just like an all-out Enduro motorcycle. Whether you're riding enduro or touring, this piece of kit will change the way you fall in love with your Hero X-pulse, all over again. Precision cut by lazer using 6mm mild-steel with low carbon content, and full-seam welds makes these footrest even stonger than the stock setup.  These footrest hangers have been extensively tested, for both high loads and their ability to take crashes. Combine this with our X-pulse custom triple clamp and you will transform your Hero X-pulse into a motorcycle the 'Rally Edition' ought to have been straight out of the factory.

jcMoto Hero XPulse Footrest Hangers

Sit tight, We're handcrafting our next batch and should be ready to ship in the next 7 days. Thank you for your patience
  • If you need help on how to fit these footrest hangers, please download and refer to the PDF document here

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