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The best lube out there...Don't believe us? Ask the Dino!

A non-fling, aeronautical grade lube for heavy duty applications now available for your motorcycle’s drive chain.


Tested On Both Tarmac And Dirt.
Doesn't Pick Up DIRT And GRIME


Gooey Consistent Formula For Better Application And No Spillage

The raw material is sourced from American company which has been specializing in lube since 1839. This secretly guarded formula makes it one of the best lubricants out there and hard for any manufacturer to beat.

Does Not Splash

We all dread that moment when we have to apply chain lube after a freshly washed motorcycle. Most lubes and sprays will leave a splatter of boogers all over the rear rim and swing-arm waiting to gather some fresh mud and dirt. Our Dinos have said no to boogers. The anti splatter properties means no more dirt and grime with Dino lube


Superior Performance and Mileage

Improper lubrication can cause transmission losses of up to 10%. Dino lube, with its superior technology ensures optimum lubrication which reduces your chain’s transmission losses giving superior performance and better fuel efficiency

Designed with usability in mind

You can opt for a jar of Dino Lube or squeeze tubes. The squeeze tubes are designed for those of you who love to spend endless days on the road. Easy to stash under you seat, you can whip it out by the side of the road and make sure you’re well lubed.

Easy to apply, just a few strokes and you are all lubed up, ready to go!

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